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Sana Khalid Brand Identity Specialist

Sana Khalid Brand Identity Specialist


Swee Kombucha Implements A Modular Infographics System Through The Packaging

Bedow is a design and branding studio based in Stockholm that recently worked with Kombucha brand Swee to create an abstractly colorful packaging design. The kombucha's ingredients are represented through [...]

GLOBE And Pantone Collaborated On A Limited-Edition Skateboard Collection Featuring A Very Peri Board

It wouldn't be the Pantone Color of The Year if there weren't a skateboard to go with it, now would it? The skaters, surfers, and snowboarders brand GLOBE partnered with [...]

Maison Courvoisier Upgrades Its Packaging System While Paying Homage To Its Rich History

We've seen supply chain issues ensuing left and right, but Cognac sales have drastically jumped despite these unfortunate circumstances. And with an increase in sales, Maison Courvoisier has given its [...]

VUI VUI’s Skincare Essentials Features A Packaging System Reminiscent Of Classical Botany Books

Menta designed VUI VUI's packaging, taking inspiration from the brand's natural botanical ingredients. The quaint illustrations are reminiscent of traditional botany books, while the color palette is more contemporary. The [...]

Straight Outta Illustrator: The History and Legacy of the RIAA’s Parental Advisory Label

In the summer of 1984, beloved musician Prince released what is perhaps his most significant album, Purple Rain. The soundtrack for the eponymous film gained commercial and critical success on [...]

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