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It’s always exciting to see in which direction design will go with each new year. 2020 surprised everyone with a 360-degree change in our lifestyles and redefining our priorities. But this year promises more optimistic and enthusiastic trends to make stunning content online.  If you are looking for new 2021 design trends to test and try out on your own work, you’ve come to the right place! 

There is a growing need for digital communications to grow and evolve. A need for innovating designs and tools to allow us to communicate better. In order to make impactful designs, designers and content creators have to make a turn each year and change the context. We got to talk with one of our creative directors, Alicia Espinoza, and she just revealed all the awesome design trends to look for this year! She spilled out all about what’s going on and what’s coming up on 2021 graphic design trends.

16 Design Trends in 2021 Predicted by True Designers

Each year we get the opportunity to renew our designs with something new and trending. If you are asking yourself, where is our visual communication going? You just got to the right place, see, we wanted to know too! Let’s go over our team’s graphic design trends 2021 predictions:

1. Optimism

2020 was tough, but 2021 promises to be a better year. The world has changed and with that change, new graphic design trends are here to renew, refresh, and motivate the audiences with more dynamic designs to bring our minds into positive thoughts once more. 

With the arrival of vaccines, optimism is in the air! Audiences love to engage with brands that promote positive messages. 

To try out this trend use:

T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Happy Rainbow

Lo Fi Album Cover Art Generator Featuring Two Happy Manga Characters

Smile Instagram

Coronavirus Awareness Facebook Post Design Maker Featuring An Illustration Of A Woman At Home

T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Cute Illustration Of A Girl Meditating

Illustrated T Shirt Design Maker For A Mental Health Observance

2. Cartoonish Illustrations

Images are key to how an audience experiences a brand. Cartoonish illustrations are taking are becoming pretty popular this year.

Try this trend using: 

3. Surrealism

Artistic designs, disorganized illusions, impossible combinations!

No consideration for traditional borders or design rules, surrealism exceeds common techniques.

Poster Design Creator Featuring Surreal Characters

T Shirt Design Template Featuring Surreal Illustrations Of Female Faces

Surreal T Shirt Design Template Featuring An Illustration Of A Hand With An Eye

Instagram Story Video Maker With A Minimalistic Frame And A Quote

Mixkit Top Aerial Shot Of Seashore With Rocks

Mixkit Joyful Lovers Hugging

4. Cinematic Aesthetics

Professional look and feel of objects, people, and scenarios. Mindfulness of every detail with minimal post-production.

That “cinematic feel” to images and videos is becoming very popular, and thank God, because it certainly looks amazing!

Audio Visuals

Craving for a heightened experience on audiovisuals? Both visual and audio can increase our senses for stronger emotional responses when combined toghether.

Try this trend using:

Pop Album Cover Template For A Girl Band With A Glitch Overlay

Apple Music Artist Image Creator With A Portrait Of A Rapper And A Filter

Pinterest Pin Maker With A Sporty Yoga Theme

Instagram Post Maker With A Daily Reminder For Wellness

Wellness Pinterest Pin Maker Featuring A Meditating Woman Illustration

6. Wellness

Now more than ever, self-care and mindfulness about our health are super important. We often forget about our most basic needs. 2021 is a year to take better care of our physical health and mental health. This is why content creators for fitness, exercise, nutrition, meditation, and more have become more and more popular.

Practice healthy thoughts for better life quality.

To try this trend use:

Calming balanced colors, motivating images, and illustrations.

Nature in Design

With the growing desire to spend more time on the outside, nature trends are also on the rise. We are so much in need of reconnecting with nature after a pretty rough year.

Try this trend using:

Earth Day T Shirt Design Template Featuring Mother Nature Illustrations

T Shirt Design Generator Featuring An Illustration Of Nature

Instagram Story Design Maker Featuring A Quote On Nature And Three Photos

Video Mockup Girl

Instagram Post Video Creator To Display And Sell New Products

Video Mockup Restaurant

Short Videos

Short videos are very popular since the On-the-Go content is on top of lists. Social platforms like Instagram reels and Tik Toks are high in demand for short videos. 

Short videos are mostly made with smartphones, again, on-the-go content. Brands are using this content style for instant responses, updates, and situational content to keep their audience updated.

9. 3D Animations …Still

Motion graphic designers keep experimenting with mixed media and new effects. 

Try this trend using:

Instagram Story Design Creator Featuring A 3d Word And Text

Instagram Quote Post Design Template With 3d Typography

3d Logo Intro

Pro Tip: Optical illusions are also becoming pretty popular for background and templates!

Retro T Shirt Design Generator Featuring Classic Gaming Controllers

Instagram Post Design Template With A Gaming Theme

Gaming Vlog Channel Banner Template

Gaming is Going Big

Integrating gaming elements into design has become a thing. Animation, badges, leaderboards, motion graphics, and more! Gamers are quite an audience nowadays. Use bright colors and ingenious animations, maybe even a few popular gaming character styles here and there.

Virtual Empathy

Use more authentic designs, modern beauty standards, and unfiltered images! After a disrupting 2020, we are so much in need of authenticity so let’s make some socially conscious designs, shall we?

The Diversity Rebellion

Due to social rebellion in pro-diversity, brands have now turned their focus into more inclusive designs. This is the year to show different people with their characteristics, uniqueness, and flaws. Portray different skin tones, ages, body shapes, heights, and beauties.

Activism and equality movements have increased an important demand for designers to represent causes. 

Pro Tip: support a cause by designing a t-shirt.

To use this trend try:

T Shirt Design Maker Featuring Illustrations For Covid 19 Vaccination Campaigns

Illustrated T Shirt Design Creator Celebrating Our Differences

Equality T Shirt Design Maker With A Feminist Quote And Graphic

Instagram Story Generator For Ecology Suggestions

T Shirt Design Maker With An Ecology Message

T Shirt Maker With An Ecology Pun


2021 is a year for environmental awareness, which also means more sustainable brands! Humans’ consciousness towards nature is, in fact, a growing trend that has tons of positive results. Many brands are developing and turning their products into environmentally oriented goods.

Vertical Photography

Again, just as short videos for on the go content, due to social media like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, there is a growing demand for vertical photography, video, and templates.

Instagram Story Creator Featuring A Nasa Rocket Launch Report

Instagram Story Creator For A Modern Wedding Invitepng

Instagram Story Design Maker To Share Lgbt Related News

Fun T Shirt Design Generator Inspired By Vintage Comics

T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Cartoon Of A Carrot Playing Video Games

T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Monochromatic Collage With A Quote

Retro Vibes

Nostalgia is always a great asset to add to your designs. We feel nostalgic about the world before the most recent pandemic. We are missing the world we grew in. People want to feel comfortable in brand designs again!


Mockups are lifesavers for any designer. Using mockups involves effortless quality images to portray your designs. 

What’s trending?

Mockup Featuring A Coffee Cup And A Zip Bag Placed On A Solid Color Surface

Mockup Of An Open Magazine Under A Palm Shadow

Mockup Of A Woman Holding A Clear Phone Case Under The Sunlight

Mockup Of Two Cosmetic Jars Featuring A Dispenser

:roll Up Banner Mockup At An Outdoor Bazar

Moodboard Collages

Creative, versatile images in a mix of pictures, fonts, and texture with Scrapbook-like feels!

Album Cover Maker Featuring A Vintage Collage With Sunflower Graphics

Album Cover Maker Of A Man S Photo Featuring Butterflies

Instagram Story Generator For A Music Playlist With A Collage Background

And… That’s a Wrap!

Trends are a great way to appeal to wider audiences by renewing your style each year. Help your project stand out by trying something new and refreshing. Needless to say, there are many more trends to explore out there but we’ve basically chosen to talk about those we thought were more relevant in 2021. 

If you liked this post you may also like our 14 Design Principles post next. Keep an eye on Placeit to find templates that will follow these trends and aesthetics throughout the year!

Try out a few of these and tell us how it went. Happy designing!

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