As of 2021, 40% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress. this is often an enormous lead over subsequent hottest website platform, Joomla, which powers 2.6% of the websites on the web . There are many reasons why WordPress is such a well-liked choice, one among which is its level of customizability through unique themes. the simplest WordPress themes make it possible for you to create a good-looking website without writing one line of code.

Check out our roundup of the simplest WordPress themes for various sorts of websites, from ecommerce and restaurants to blogs and wikis. We’ve organized them consistent with the sorts of websites they’re best fitted to , so when you’re buying the simplest WordPress theme for your website, you’ve got a start and won’t waste some time on themes that don’t offer the features and functions you would like .

What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme may be a group of coding files that structure the inspiration of the design and feel of an internet site . It contains everything you would like for a functioning website: page layouts, plug-in compatibility, graphics, style sheets, element positioning and even small details like hyperlink colors.

DIfference in use Theme vs. template

Although the terms “WordPress theme” and “WordPress template” are sometimes used interchangeably, they’re not an equivalent thing. While a WordPress theme contains everything that controls a website’s look and performance , a WordPress template provides a page’s layout. A WordPress theme contains templates for various sorts of pages, like blog posts and a contact page.

Key rules & features you need to know

Themes and templates aren’t the sole terms you would like to familiarize yourself with if you would like to seek out the simplest theme for your website. Other key terms to understand include:

Child theme: a toddler theme may be a copied version of a topic it’s an equivalent look, features and functionality as its parent theme (the original theme). the aim of a toddler theme is for an internet developer to form changes to the code within the theme’s files without altering the first theme.

Plug-in: A plug-in may be a set of functions you’ll increase an internet site . Plug-ins aren’t contained within themes; they’re third-party pieces of software that provide functions like SEO optimization or allowing easy, automated order fulfillment.

Widget: A widget may be a piece of content you’ll increase your site to supply additional functionality, like an embedded Google map.

Shortcode: A shortcode may be a brief line of HTML code that embeds files and/or other objects without having to use those files’ longer, more complex code.

What do you need to understand most in a WordPress theme?

There are tons of WordPress themes which will be called the “best WordPress themes.” Within this category, though, there are only a couple of which will realistically be the simplest WordPress theme for your website. As you browse WordPress themes, search for the precise functions you would like your website to possess , like:

Connectivity with WooCommerce
Photo galleries
Secure payment gateway
Ability to book appointments/reserve tables online
Instant reference to visitors
If you’re unsure which functions you would like , take a glance at other websites in your industry and see which functions they provide believe functions first, then among the themes that provide what you would like , find one that has the proper look and pity your brand. WordPress themes are customizable (within limits), so confine mind that the instance you’re watching for every theme is simply that—an example. An experienced designer or developer can work with the theme and customize it further to suit your brand’s colors and elegance .

Best WordPress themes for ecommerce websites

When you’re building an ecommerce website with WordPress, you’re getting to be working with WooCommerce. WooCommerce + WordPress isn’t the sole ecommerce platform out there, but it’s one among the foremost customizable.

The best WordPress themes for ecommerce include:

Atmosphere Pro



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