The annual college basketball tournament held by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) typically starts in March and is more commonly known as March Madness among sports ball fans. 

The nickname is apt, as fans of Division I roundball can get unnerved following their alma mater and stressed over the performance of their tournament brackets. For the 2021 iteration, Coors Light wants to give overheated fans a tasty way to cool off as they follow March Madness with beer-flavored “Chillollipops.”

According to a press release by Coors Light, the beer brand was inspired by reading research that indicated that hard candy and lollipops could calm large groups of partygoers at the end of the night.

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“Emotions are contagious,” said Manhattan College professor Donald E. Gibson, Ph.D. in the press release (who also advised Coors Light on the promotion). “If there are strong emotions around us, it’s very easy to be swept up in them. I believe that something as simple as a lollipop could have a calming influence in an emotionally charged situation.”

Packaging keeps it simple, and orders of Chillollipops come in a box dominated by the snow-capped Rockies and a wordmark that combines the Coors corporate script type with a pleasant geometric font and a graphic depicting the peace hand gesture, as well as a lollipop, incorporated into the Os. However, the promotional packaging of a six candy carrier reminiscent of beer packs and red wrappers is more impressive than the packaging featured on the product page.

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Chillollipops only taste like beer and contain no alcohol, though Coors Light clarifies that the candy is strictly for those aged 21+ and can get purchased for $3.17 each, in honor of the start date of 2021’s March Madness.