“Graphic design” is a broad term that encompasses a spectrum of design-oriented tasks. When you talk about a Graphic Designer, it does not necessarily mean that he would be the one who works with only Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create logos, book covers or illustrations. He may be the person who designs websites or the one engaged in designing products’ packaging or he may be working as a motion graphic designer.

Each type of graphic design demands specific skills and expertise. Hence, if you are deciding to become a graphic designer, your first task is to choose a specific type of graphic design niche. However, one thing which is common in each case is your taste and design sense. Secondly, you must have some basic know-how about using technology as this field is greatly dependent on the use of designing-associated technology.

This article focuses on the 8 types of graphic designs.


Below I have listed the 8 different types of graphic designs. Each one of these is different from the other and corresponds to a different type of graphic design skill. Read out the following and then think about which one interests you and best matches your skills


Publication Graphic Design involves designing the layout and graphics for printed materials. These include magazines, books, newspapers, catalogues, newsletters and brochures. Publication graphic designers work alongside publishers and editors to produce the desired visual appeal. Each type of printed material has a standard layout that differs from that of the others. Organizational, communication, layout designing and colour management skills are necessary for a publication graphic designer.


Visual Identity Graphic Design demands sufficient know-how about all types of graphic designs. The purpose of this class of graphic design is to generate attractive visual elements that create a brand’s impression. A Visual Identity Graphic Designer coordinates with brand stakeholders to produce unique brand elements such as logos, colour palettes, image styles and typography. He also develops the company’s business cards and corporate stationery. Visual Identity Graphic Design focuses that the brand elements promote all the brand’s information to the customers without the use of descriptive textual information.


As is evident with the name, packaging graphic designing focuses on developing the design of products’ packaging. Each manufactured product requires well-designed packaging which can not only grab customers’ attention but help them get all the necessary information about the product. Colours, fonts and graphics, all are vital in a product’s exterior. Packaging designers need to have sufficient knowledge about industrial procedures and manufacturing processes. They also need to know about the ingredients added, the qualities of the product as well as its manufacturing and expiring date. The awareness of the latest marketing trends is also crucial for a Packaging Designer.


It is perhaps the most well-known type of graphic design and may also be referred to as the User Interface (UI) Graphic Design. Almost all of the apps you use and the various types of websites you visit are designed by a web graphic designer, who has to work alongside developers and designers to create the website of choice. The images, fonts and layouts of the websites depend upon the web graphic designer’s choices. Providing a user-friendly experience to visitors is the emphasis of web graphic designing. It also stresses that the menus, buttons and other visual elements are aesthetically appealing with the best technical performance.


You may surely have seen various company’s flyers, brochures and leaflets which they use for marketing. Each company uses different styles, designs, layouts and colour combinations for their promotional material not only to differ them from the competitors but also to attract potential customers. So, who is responsible for designing such materials? Of course, the marketing and advertising graphic designer, who works in coordination with company owners, managers and directors to help in boosting their sales. This type of graphic design is now also being used for social media advertising and content marketing. Making PowerPoint presentations, blogs/websites’ images, infographics, banners and billboards all come under the responsibilities of a marketing and advertising graphic designer.


Architectural and landscape elements can be made aesthetically appealing by the use of environmental graphic design. Vacant architectural spaces can be made memorable and interesting by decorating them with captivating pictures or by displaying some inspirational quotes or digital texts. Building interiors and exteriors, museums, event and conference spaces, retail stores’ interiors and museum exhibitions are often made eye-catchy by the use of such design.


As the name suggests, motion graphic designs are the graphics that are in movement or motion. With technological advancements and the popularity of video content, this type of graphic design has gained the public’s interest. These designs can be utilized in all sorts of digital platforms and are one of the latest forms of graphic design. The most popular example of motion graphics is the gifs which have become an essential part of our day-to-day chatting and are also being used as a feature on various social media forums. Other types include typography, animated logos, apps, video games, trailers and promotional videos. Besides, these designs are also used as advertisements for companies’ promotion and marketing.


Graphic arts and illustrations differ from graphic designing in the same way as graphic artists differ from graphic designers. Graphic designers are specialized in developing configurations that can communicate with the users and solve their problems. On the other hand, graphic artists generate original artwork. Media and techniques are the two basic tools that are used by graphic artists to accomplish their tasks. They have a direct link with fine arts. However, many skills are similar between the two types of workers. Art and illustration for graphic design include book covers, stock images, infographics, picture books, comics books, graphic novels, etc.


Graphic design is a vast field with a spectrum of different types. The word “Graphic Designer” not only includes web designers or logo makers, but environmental graphic designers, motion graphic designers, marketing and advertising graphic designers, in short, a wide range of designers falls under this term or category. If you are working as a freelancer, you will find different types of graphic design clients but you can’t work with all of them because each one demands different skills and expertise. So, before stepping into this field, you have to select the type of graphic design that interests you and then master it in that area.

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