How to Start a Successful Freelance Business in 2022

Home-based businesses can be product-based or service-based. Each of the 10 examples below is a business that can be run from home using the Internet. No storefront is required.

Homemade and DIY products

  • Many of the popular items sold through the online marketplace Etsy are products you can make at home, such as:Embossed Leather Walletbaby wooden puzzlePersonalized Deli Boardholiday ornaments

    Handmade jewelry

    Knitted sweaters

    handwritten greeting card

    Home Decorations


    You don’t need prior art experience to start making and selling items at home. YouTube tutorials are a great way to learn new skills, and the craft store has many items you can use to get started. You can sell the items you make on Etsy or through your own website.


  • One of the drawbacks of making goods at home is that you need to store and ship the goods when you receive an order. Drop shipping is an e-commerce business model in which the business acts as an intermediary between buyers and suppliers. There are several different variations of the process, but they usually work as follows:
     Identify the product you want to sell and post it on your website
     A customer places an order from your website and at that point you will receive a retail price payment
     Buy products at wholesale prices from suppliers
     The supplier ships the product directly to the customer
     Customers go through the normal checkout process and don’t have to worry about shipping products on time. This process is further streamlined by using an e-commerce platform such as Shopify. On this platform, you can use plugins to automate most of the drop shipping process. There are also many products available for drop shipping. You can start an online clothing business or sell kitchen utensils.

On-demand printing

print on demand
Print-on-demand is another way to run an online business without maintaining inventory or buying shipping supplies. Here’s how it works:

You determine the products and designs you want to sell online. This can include books, graphic shirts, personalized barware, etc.
Customers place an order and choose the quantity, size, color or type of item they want
You hire a manufacturer to print products to order
Products are shipped directly from the printer to the customer
With a print-on-demand business model, you can buy the rights to a product design or create it yourself. Some print-on-demand business owners prefer to run their website with the help of a service like Printful. Others prefer to focus on the artistic side of the process and upload the designs to marketplace sites like Society6 or RedBubble. You can use this method to start a t-shirt business, sell your art prints, and more.

data input
A generation

Data entry

Independent data entry specialists assist their clients by entering content into databases, spreadsheets, and documentation systems. Some data entry companies also offer audio and video transcription services. You can work on projects such as:

Helping Hospitals Update Important Records
Entering retail inventory into the database
Create written transcriptions of webinars
Verification of business documents for authenticity
Checking the reliability of insurance information
Digitization of paper documentation
To run a successful data entry business, you will need a computer and a reliable internet connection. Many data entry professionals also buy access to resources such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

Business analysis consulting

Business analysts can help enterprise clients make sound data-backed decisions. In this role, you can:

Examine data about the relationship between business events and results
Collect and organize new datasets
Establish clear and measurable goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
Helps client stakeholders understand the impact of your findings
Most business analysts have a strong aptitude for research, project management, reporting, and communication. This type of analysis work can be done from any computer, telephone, and internet connection.

Web development consulting

Web development consultants provide advice and guidance on the best way to approach specific projects. Although these consultants are experienced developers, they do not do hands-on coding work. A web development consultant may advise the following:

comprehensive strategy
User Interface and User Experience
Prototyping and testing
More powerful
responsive design
Headless Content Management Systems
Front-end and back-end development
When starting a web development consulting business, it is a good idea to have access to a computer, an internet connection, and a video conferencing service like Zoom.

Graphic design

Graphic design consultants can help clients improve their marketing and ease of use. These consultants use their experience in the design world to advise others on the following:

Digital and print design principles
Design strategy for marketing and branding
Ease of design
Graphic design consultants may also be art directors for client campaigns. In general, all this work can be done online using a computer and a collaboration platform such as Google Workspace.

Logo design

Logo design consultants may have the same experience as graphic design consultants. They help clients create new or updated logos and brand visual identities. This work may include:

Evaluation of competitors
Applying Design Psychology Principles
Development of logo prototypes.
Brand strategy consulting
To work as an independent logo design consultant, you will use a computer, the Internet, and design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud.

Teaching and education

Educational advisors are usually former or current professors, teachers, and school administrators. They may work with clients on a variety of projects, including:

Evaluate existing educational curriculum content
Writing a new course guide
Improve professional education programs
Create a new educational plan
Instructional and educational consultants can work remotely with school administrators and other key personnel involved in client projects.

Digital marketing consulting

Digital marketing consultants may have a variety of sub-disciplines and work on projects that include:

Marketing plans development
Setting goals and key performance indicators
Create audience segments and buyer personas
Social media data analysis
Searching for competitors
Audit websites and advertising campaigns
Develop search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines
Formulating SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies
If you want to start a digital marketing consulting business, you may need to invest in accessing a variety of resources including SEO and analytics software.

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