Shortly after Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s home and native land of Canada decriminalized cannabis, the creative duo best known for stoner fare such as Pineapple Express launched their brand of weed and related accessories, Houseplant. Like all things successful in Canada, Houseplant has set its sights on the US, extending its cannabis business to California and refreshing the brand and packaging in the process.

Houseplant’s brand refresh, a collaboration between agencies MA-MA and Pràctica, uses the original wordmark as a launching off point, building a broader typographic system using a custom-design typeface based on the original logotype. The vintage-inspired color palette is replaced with brighter hues, livening up the range of flowers, prerolls, lighters, glass, and other related items in Houseplant’s range, easily identified by a new illustration system.

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Most celebrity-helmed cannabis brands play up that connection—take Mike Tyson’s ear-shaped edibles Mike Bites, for example. Houseplant certainly doesn’t hide the fact that Seth Rogan is actively involved in the design of its products, but it also doesn’t lean on its founders’ clout. Houseplant’s thoughtful branding and design are exquisite enough to stand on their own merits, regardless of the star power behind the brand, which is refreshing in the cannabis space. They’ve also taken cannabis branding to the next level, envisioning not just a beautiful visual identity with pristine aesthetics but a genuine lifestyle brand with its own language and rules. 

As part of Houseplant’s desire to be more sustainable, packaging such as flower jars and preroll tins are recyclable and designed to be reused and repurposed. The containers, launched ahead of the broader refresh, feature a Lego brick-like design and neatly stack on top of one another. A simple cardboard label wrap over the stackable tins contains the requisite labeling, product details, and branding.

Goldberg and Rogan have done well for themselves, making fart jokes and movies for stoners. They’ve also demonstrated a profound commitment to craft and thoughtful design through their Houseplant brand. The brand refresh effectively communicates their seriousness and shows the fun side and love for nostalgia that makes films like Superbad so endearing and entertaining. Ma-Ma and Pràctica balance the jokester with the craftsman with Houseplant’s refresh.

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Houseplant cannabis in the refreshed packaging is available in select shops throughout California, whereas accessories and house goods are available worldwide and online.