Can physical packaging bolster an iPhone app’s brand? 

Social media influencer activation campaigns have become one of the more popular marketing strategies for startup companies. Turning to celebrity influencer activations can not only create brand awareness, but also drive sales. Influencer marketing has the power to get the message across authentically, with one study showing that 80% of consumers make purchases from an online store after a recommendation from an influencer. 

Quinn is one of the most recent examples of this particular type of marketing campaign. 

The audio erotica app for women—and by women—was founded by Stanford student Caroline Spiegel back in 2019. Spiegel herself was dealing with sexual dysfunction after her recovery from an eating disorder, and she found a viable solution in audio erotica. What’s more, Spiegel found an audience thirsty for an app of this nature as women have primarily been underserved when it comes to erotic content.

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As Quinn took off and gained traction in a market that previously didn’t really exist, the brand diversified its efforts and created an influencer campaign promoting the unique proposition they represent—a safe, ethical space for women to express themselves sexually while demystifying and destigmatizing porn for women. 

In partnership with brand activation and packaging design agency Inwork Inc, they designed, developed, and distributed influencer activation kits for social media influencers across the country. Minimal, enticing graphics with vibrant gradients feature heavily on the box, which opens to reveal a customized set of headphones intended to be used when listening to content on the Quinn app. 

Influencers unboxed the kits live and posted videos on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, giving Quinn millions of impressions of brand visibility. 

So, yes, even an app deserves to have eye-catching packaging.

Check out The Quinn app or website at for the full experience. 

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