Multi-state operator Ascend Wellness Holdings (AWS) has recently launched Simply Herb, a new, value-forward cannabis brand sold in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Michigan. The flower-focused line will also include popcorn buds, shake, and pre-rolls in Massachusetts.

Simply Herb instantly communicates its value-forward proposition with branding and packaging that keeps things cool and casual. There’s no celebrity behind the brand, no ultra-luxe packaging, or white glove delivery service. 

No-frills, however, doesn’t translate to bland or generic. The packaging is fun, and the typography is charming with a pleasant color palette and a tinge of nostalgia. Overall, Simply Herb’s presentation does an excellent job at communicating that consumers are spending more on the weed and less on the marketing and other fancy stuff that doesn’t get you high.

“Cannabis can better the lives of so many, yet high prices continue to bar value-oriented consumers from being able to reap the benefits of the plant,” said Abner Kurtin, founder and CEO of AWH. “AWH created Simply Herb because enjoying the plant should not have to come at a high price.”

The cannabis industry is growing as more states end prohibition and access increases. Like most legitimate businesses, like say the automotive industry or big soda, product differentiation and market segmentation within cannabis exists as well. Cannabis is not only popular but widely accepted, and we see more brands cater to specific consumers, like low-THC, “session” weed, for example. Simply Herb serves the value-conscious toker, and the branding effectively communicates that mission. And if gas prices keep going up as they’ve been lately, there may just be more folks including themselves in that group.