Many website builders were originally designed for blogs. that creates sense—often, writers like better to simply get to publishing directly with content that’s clean and readable, and pouring resources into a flashy website are often unproductive. After all, the content is supposed to talk for itself, not some gimmicky design. and therefore the excellent news is, lately you don’t need to make a choice between design quality and a quickly built website for a blog. There are many great template options available, and we’ve collected our top picks for the simplest website builders for blogs.

For the uninitiated: an internet site builder may be a service that permits you to make and customize an internet site without writing any code. All you’ve got to try to to is make an account with the service, answer some questions on your website needs and goals, choose a template, customize the planning with the platform’s proprietary editor, pay and launch.

Because most website builders function similarly and there are numerous around now, it are often difficult to understand which choice is true for you. On top of that, many website builders are meant to appeal to a good sort of website needs, meaning you furthermore may need to research whether a builder is right for blogging specifically. thereupon in mind, let’s get the precise belongings you should search for when buying website builders for blogs.

What to seem for during a website builder for a blog

Does it cover the whole web development process?

Most website builders will bill themselves as a one-stop shop (and most of the main ones are), but it’s an honest idea to verify this for yourself. Review the steps to make an internet site and countercheck that the builder will lookout of everyonefor instance, one builder we’ll discuss later requires you to secure your own hosting.

Does it have enough blog-specific features?

Blogs have specific needs that a general purpose website builder won’t account for. especially you would like to match features like assigning authors, tagging/categories, how formatting multimedia works, email capture, scheduled posting, social distribution, SEO tools like alternate titles and descriptions, comment moderation, and traffic analytics. You’ll also want to think about how easy it’s to integrate third-party applications that fill in feature gaps you would possibly need down the road .

What does the pricing include?

The appeal of website builders is that they’re usually on the cheaper side, but it’s not always that straightforward . Many website builders will have a spread of (often subscription) pricing tiers that accompany specific features and benefits—all of which you’ll got to compare thoroughly. Pay special attention to benefits that are included on some platforms and overlooked on others.

Will the builder’s brand invade your own?

While there’s no shame in employing a website builder (plenty of status blogs, as we’ll see, do so) you don’t necessarily want it telegraphed to your readers at every turn. When you’re reviewing some actual blogs made with the software, get on the lookout for prominent signatures (e.g. “Powered by website-builder-name”) or mandatory subdomains (e.g. “”).

Does it sacrifice quality for simple use?

Many website builders pride themselves on being easy to use, but this isn’t always the perk that you simply think it’s for instance , technically the simplest website to create is an unedited template. Any degree of customization necessitates some effort on your part, and better degrees of customization may mean a harder building process, which may be worthwhile you furthermore may want to think about how easy the continued site maintenance process are going to be also as adding new content to your blog.

What do website users say about the service?

Look into reviews by ordinary people (which is to mention , not the glowing testimonials companies highlight on their website). you’ll find reviews for digital services on sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. There, of course, are going to be some negative ones, but concentrate to the general aggregate. it’s also helpful to notice how a company’s support staff responds to negative reviews.

What is the planning design quality like?

With website builders, you’ll got to evaluate the standard of both the templates and therefore the final, published product. For templates, what you’re trying to find isn’t only pretty designs but a good and diverse selection. When reviewing actual blogs built with the software, attempt to steer beyond the famous blogs the location builder promotes. check out blogs made by the typical users to ascertain how these compare to their templates.

The TOP 5 best website builders for blogs are following

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